About Shape Conservation, Dorset, Somerset & Devon

Shape Conservation is a family run company based in Dorset, Somerset & Devon, working across the whole of the UK. Our family and experienced team combined have over 90 years in the building trade with a vast range of specialist skills in using a mixture of the most traditional skills and eco-friendly materials within and around historical and heritage buildings across the whole of the country.

Our Experience

We live in a country that contains a wide range of some of the finest and most interesting vernacular buildings in the world, yet the pattern of caring for them is such that we turn, far too often, to the latest technological solutions, and use unsuitable modern building products, instead of seeking help from those who understand these structures. We at Shape Conservation use many years of knowledge gained through years of experience to be able to be that form of help and understanding for you and your project.

The disappearance of traditional skills poses an increasing threat to the character of vernacular buildings. It is through us at Shape Conservation, we feel the need to eradicate that threat.

If old skills can be perpetuated not only will our old buildings benefit but also there appears to be little reason why we should not, when building new structures, turn once again to some of those neglected materials that provided interest and variety to our cultural heritage.

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