Our Work:

Old Timbers, Hinton Martell

17th Century Grade II Listed Cob Cottage

Works consisted of the removal of the sand and cement render.
The existing render was applied over a chicken wire, which was nailed as little as possible to the cob. With the weight of the sand and cement render on top of the chicken wire which not only shouldn’t be there but not installed correctly, in time, this caused the render to crack and blow, causing areas of the cob to get damp and reach levels higher than it’s recommended moisture content.


Once the sand and cement render was removed, a harling coat was applied using a lime putty unhaired mortar rather than the typical NHL based consolidation mortar, as it’s less harsh on the cob substrate. Once dried the walls were ready to have a 2 coat lime mortar system applied, using a course haired lime mortar base coat and unhaired lime mortar float coat to finish.

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